b1fashion key features


  • Collate forward sales orders and automatically purchase the required styles.
  • Define specific pack ratios for wholesale.
  • Easily manage Seasons and multiple Brands for sales and purchasing.
  • Define total order value discount thresholds by customer and product range.
  • Manage stock in multiple warehouses including retail and concession stores.   
  • Define your own Critical Path steps for tracking Purchase Orders and inbound Shipments with departmental responsibilities.


  • Electronic point of sale tills with store transactions and stock control integrated to SAP.
  • Fully integrated Chip & Pin services for card payments within the store.  
  • Stock updated in real time for full visibility of available items across the retail chain.
  • Automatic discounts and promotions added when criteria’s met.
  • Record full customer contact/payment details for future use.


  • Item details with pricing and stock availability uploaded to the website.
  • Customer details and sales orders with payments automatically updated in SAP.
  • Amazon/Ebay/Magento/Visualsoft/Channel Advisor connectors.
  • Direct links to couriers with tracking numbers.
  • Bulk labels, picklist, delivery note and invoice creation.