SAP Business One is a powerful ERP system for professional services

It's notoriously difficult to stay ahead, particularly in the modern fast-moving economy. Successful professional service and technology companies know that the challenge is delivering projects and services flawlessly, on time and within budget.

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How SAP Business One works for professional services.

SAP Business One for Professional Services and Technology enables companies to align every aspect of their operations, to deliver consistent quality and high-value services to clients. You can easily manage client relationships, maximise resource utilisation, improve operational efficiency and adhere to regulatory requirements.

Common problems without SAP Business One

We're experts in empowering aspiring professional services and technology businesses to work more productively, increase business insight, improve ways of working and exploit emerging opportunities.

Common Problems

  • Companies can't fully integrate their solution to provide one single version of the truth

  • Maintaining client relationships and delivering on commitments

  • Building a healthy pipeline and associated cash flow reporting

  • Capturing and retaining knowledge about relationships, when employees move on

  • Poor financial visibility, that enables early corrective action

  • Delivering consistent processes and experiences, at every stage in each client relationship

Benefits of SAP Business One

  • Key information gathered in real time, delivered to the right user

  • Estimate projects accurately, deliver on time and improve client satisfaction levels

  • Effectively allocate internal resources and increase billable hours

  • Anticipate shifting demand, ahead of the competition

  • Fully integrated, all in one system that will reduce errors and lower wastage costs

  • Guide client interaction with embedded processes

  • Adjust business processes quickly to reduce costs



Stay agile using real-time metrics to manage multiple deliverables. Make informed decisions to prepare for change, stay competitive and grow profitability.


Improve customer service through a single, unified experience that delivers consistency and visibility across every channel.


Automate tasks and move from fragmented processes and save employees' time that until now has been spent on administrative activities.


Immediately access data and give your employees the tools they need to make informed decisions (save time searching for the information), allowing your employees to focus on core tasks.
Data Management


Strengthen relationships with more focused and personalised interactions, based on intelligence that helps sellers exceed the expectations of demanding buyers.


Increase profitability through predictable project outcomes - gain visibility on project-based opportunities.


Assign relevant skills to tasks, with real-time visibility using scheduling tools.


Accurately measure utilisation and make intelligent decisions, to get the most out of billable resources, using real-time dashboards.


Automate workflows, eliminate errors, remove redundant tasks and make task repeatable.
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