ERP solutions to streamlines processes for fashion SMEs

It's notoriously difficult to stay ahead in the modern globalised economy. In the fashion and fast-moving consumer products industry, it's all about margins and a short time to market - products have to be available to customers as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible. Efficiency in this market depends on the smooth flow of information and insights, which makes a good business software solution essential.

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How SAP Business One works for fashion and consumer products.

Without technology, it can be hard to turn your strategic vision into reality. SAP Business One can be configured to ensure you stay focused on innovation and anticipation of buyer demand. With SAP Business One, you can automate processes, achieve your goals with fewer resources, and build real-time insight, from across your organisation – so you can focus on delivering a superior customer experience.

Common problems without SAP Business One

We're experts in empowering aspiring fashion and consumer product businesses to work more productively, increase business insight, improve ways of working and exploit emerging opportunities.

Common Problems

  • If trends are continually changing, is your supply chain keeping up?

  • Are real-time insights keeping you on top of trends, to better manage your supply chain?

  • Are consumer insights determining how you should manage your distribution centres?

  • Is your supply chain agile enough to ship the right products, to the right places?

  • Are your online in-store promotions streamlined for success?

Benefits of SAP Business One

  • Streamline your inventory supply-chain

  • Build better customer loyalty, with better customer experiences

  • Align your supply-chain to customers' buying behaviours, to deliver the products they want

  • Innovate services, faster and more efficiently

  • Source from a sustainable supply-chain

  • Connect seamlessly to your commerce platform

  • Automate forecasting, planning and various assortments



Delivering real-time inventory visibility, supply chain monitoring and analysis of customers' buying behaviours, so they can maximise customer loyalty and revenue.


Creating advanced predictive stock analytics that help forecast demand and align stock to distribution centres - offering greater product availability and reduced inventory costs.


Synchronising supply chain across your networks to ensure demand is fulfilled optimally, from anywhere. This enables a quick, seamless, omni-channel customer experience, at all times.


Streamline your financial operations, drive decision-making, automate everyday tasks and more...

Data Insight

Combining customer and supply chain data, to develop promotions, assortments and programs that increase customer satisfaction and inventory turnover.


Ensuring you can manage inventory accurately enough to stock-up with the right stuff, across many locations and operate an holistic logistics network.


Providing the agility needed to move products quickly, which ensures a fast, seamless, omni-channel customer experience, at anytime and anywhere.


Understanding consumers' buying behaviours around key trends (including colour), to optimise promotions, prices, and markdowns - resulting in customer satisfaction and inventory turnover.


Analytics that accurately forecast consumer demands, so you can keep your distribution centres well stocked in line with demand.
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