Service Management with SAP Business One

SAP Business One service management capabilities help service departments provide support for service operations, service contract management, service planning, tracking of customer interactions and customer support.

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As your small to medium-sized company grows, so does the complexity of managing customer service and understanding how to efficiently manage service calls, administer customer warranties and service contracts.

SAP Business One Service Management can help your agents and technicians exceed customer expectations. You can use data and intelligence to transform how you provide customer service and empower supervisors. You can use actionable insights that will guide teams to the right outcomes… and as a result, your organisation will achieve higher customer satisfaction levels and revenues.


Service Contract

Allows users to create a regular support or warranty contract for items or services sold to a customer.

Response time by assignee

Enables users to follow the interaction between a customer and service and to record the time necessary to respond to a single service call.

Service Calls

Allows users to view all service calls entered into the system. Users can restrict the report to only see service calls for a specific queue, technician, problem type, priority, item, and call status.


The system can accumulate a knowledgebase of typical faults and customer service suggestions. These are searchable from the service call logging.
Data Management

Service calls by queue

Tracks all pending service calls in the queue. Various call statuses can be monitored, and calls can be assigned to individual technicians or maintained in a team queue.

Customer equipment card

Provides service technicians with detailed information about an item sold to a customer, such as a manufacturer's serial number, replacement serial number and all service call history. It also lists service contracts assigned to the item.

Customer equipment report

Shows all equipment and corresponding serial numbers sold to a customer or range of customers.

Example Capabilities

Service planning and Management  Customer interactions tracking  Equipment card handling  Service Dashboards  Service contracts  Human resource integration  Knowledge database  Service calendar and service call processing  Much More...

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SAP Business One Service App

Provide on-site services for customers by easily and efficiently reviewing and resolving assigned service tickets.

To win in the digital economy, sales professionals need to maximize every customer engagement with instant access to the most relevant business information, wherever they are.

  • Streamline job management
  • Efficiently manage and resolve your service tickets online or offline
  • View and confirm the service ticket details
  • View Service Desk KPIs
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