SAP Business One helps streamline processes

It's a challenge, remaining competitive in a global industry with lower profit margins and higher costs. Wholesalers and distributors are facing shrinking margins, more external pressures and increased competition from third-party logistics providers. Today, most wholesalers and distributors are still running fragmented, legacy systems that won't interface.

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How SAP Business One helps with wholesale and distribution.

Without technology, it can be hard to turn your strategic vision into reality. The stock capabilities of SAP Business One enable users to accurately manage: inbound and outbound shipments, item master information and price lists. Users can also define alternative items, perform stock increase or decrease adjustments, revalue stock costs based on current market values, perform cycle counts and generate pick lists for open sales orders.


SAP Business One Advanced Warehousing

The PRODUMEX Advanced Warehousing extension, from Boyum IT, is a sophisticated and comprehensive warehouse management solution (WMS) that can transform your logistics processes into finely tuned operations that drive productivity and profitability in your supply chain. The solution supports multiple warehouses and operators, processing high volumes of transactions. Boyum IT is the largest and best-known global software development partner for SAP Business One. They are a member of the SAP Partner Solution Council and have received more than 17 SAP Awards.

Do you want to drive productivity and profitability in your supply chain by using Produmex WMS?

We provide a sophisticated and comprehensive warehouse management solution that can transform your logistics processes into finely tuned operations. The solution supports multiple warehouses and operators, processing high volumes of transactions all while maintaining high performance.

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Common problems vs. SAP Business One

We're experts in empowering aspiring Distribution and Wholesale businesses to work more productively, increase business insight, improve ways of working and exploit emerging opportunities.

Common Problems

  • Increasingly demanding customers and shorter lead times require quicker processes

  • Not being able to take advantage of order optimisation opportunities

  • Can't efficiently manage chargeback and rebate-outstanding processes

  • Can't reduce operating expenses, due to accounting inefficiencies and poor intelligence

  • Can't maximise materials requirements planning, to reduce inventory

  • Lack of visibility into supply-chain, with poor order tracking and customer order management

Benefits of SAP Business One

  • Identify emerging behaviour and anticipating capacities

  • Gain better insight and understanding of the business and relationships

  • Negotiate better terms from suppliers and customers

  • Better operational control efficiency & cost savings via KPI reporting

  • Quickly share information with suppliers using portals

  • Match current demand to on-hand inventory and make better buying decisions to keep stock under strict control

  • Better manage regulatory and governmental compliance



Manage and streamline every aspect of your business, from order entry, procurement, inventory and shipments.


Improve warehouse utilisation, lead time management and distribution channels.


Automate end-to-end warehousing processes, from route planning for pick and pack to automated inventory replenishment.
Data Management


Gain a complete picture of your inventory availability, sales, shipping schedules and all other data required to manage your supply-chain efficiently.

Gain Insight

Understand the cost of servicing a customer, slow-moving stock and the performance of product items.


Gain better insight and understanding using real-time data to spot demand trends.


Enable customers to view inventory, learn about products, place orders and view past orders.


Analyse your customers' purchase history and shopping preferences.


Offer tailored solutions and personalised proposals, in response to personalised needs.
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