Tailor Your Business Management Software To Address Your Organisation’s Priorities

Every business is different, with unique priorities and goals. As your business grows, the business landscape will change, so you need a business management solution that is adaptable, flexible, and moves with the times.

The comprehensive range of B1 Add-ons, available from B1 Solutions, is an invaluable assortment of pioneering tools that will integrate seamlessly with SAP Business One. Never has it been this easy to customise your business management software to meet the changing needs of your organisation, propelling it to the forefront of its field to stay focused, adaptable, and competitive.

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No More Small-Fish-In-Big-Ponds

With B1 Add-ons, your business can become nimbler and more responsive to changing market conditions, empowering it to compete more confidently against its competitors and evolve with changing trends. The functionality provided by B1 Add-ons allows small and medium-sized enterprises to vie with larger rivals, increasing access to the big-ticket customers to bolster profitability and sustainability.

Add-ons for SAP Business One include:

B1 Production Suite for streamlined manufacturing processes that are straightforward and free from unnecessary complexities. Superior production management enables your business to match production with demand while improving visibility of the manufacturing processes and cycles.


B1 Distribution Suite delivers a streamlined inventory and better supply chain management. Full visibility of warehouse activity delivers an optimised stock management experience that reduces costly administration and eliminates human errors.

B1 Retail Suite drives efficiency and profitability across sales channels, ensuring that in-demand products are in the right place at the right time. Advanced tools facilitate a seamless shopping experience, either online or in-person, improving the customer experience and building long-term loyalty.

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B1 Services Suite ensures real-time visibility of business operations at the most important times. Instant access to business data ensures operational decisions can be grounded in truth, while project management is simplified, and customer relationships reinforced.

B1 Fashion Suite enables the managing of products by sizes, models, and colours as well as a thorough order management system. The fashion suite of B1 streamlines processes and gives a bigger insight to your apparel business with comprehensive analytical tools.

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Business One is also able to integrate with different e-commerce platforms to enable you to keep track of all your orders, customer information, and product data. By using your chosen integrated e-commerce platform with B1, you are able to effectively monitor your finances – from invoices to orders.

Find Out More:

For more information about our suite of B1 Add-ons and how they can help tailor SAP Business One to make the platform more efficient and relevant to your business, please get in touch today.

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