Improve efficiency and make more profit

A single ERP solution for your entire end-to-end business. 


Hello - We're B1 Solutions Ltd.

We've helped many manufacturers improve efficiency, processes and productivity with one single cloud-based system: SAP Business ByDesign.

So, how can we help you?

Step 1. Watch this explainer video.

Step 2. Book an exclusive free demo with our friendly, Yorkshire-based team.

Step 3. See all the areas your business is losing profit and how to plug them.

Most manufacturers are losing money at multiple points in the business

This is because departments are detached and using outdated systems and processes – leading to inaccurate figures, wasted time and too much stock.

With a free diagnosis and demo, we show you where you can improve your entire business with SAP Business ByDesign.

That way, you reduce errors, save time and improve profit margins.


Cloud based
No expensive hardware

Quick to implement
No disruption to business

Grows with you
Pay for what you use and scale it as you go

It's a fact - Manufacturers using business management software (or, an "ERP system") are more efficient.

B1 Solutions are specialists in business management software for manufacturers. We help plug any leaks throughout your business to make every area more efficient with a cloud-based solution from SAP that’s quick to implement and easy for your workforce to use.

SAP Business ByDesign:
A single source of truth for all departments

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Project management

Oversee projects in real-time, no matter how big or complex – making sure they are delivered on time and to budget.

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Supply chain management

Respond faster to supply and demand without compromising on quality. Get the full picture of your supply chain with real-time inventory and costs.

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Accounts and finance

Streamline your accounting and manage your cashflow better. Get full visibility of your current cash and liquidity position.

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Manage everything from suppliers, RFQ procedures and sourcing in one central source – allowing you to negotiate better deals and manage multiple contracts.

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Materials/Resource Planning, Management & Quality Control

Make end-to-end production a breeze with all information on materials visible on any device, at any time. Optimise quality control.

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Human resources

Organise all your HR including management, time and attendance, and workforce admin. Your employees can manage their timesheets and expenses.