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    SAP certified partner providing SAP Business One to small and medium size companies in the UK and Europe.

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Welcome to b1 solutions

b1 solutions is an SAP certified partner providing SAP Business One to small and medium size companies in the UK and Europe with anywhere from 1 to 500 employees. 

We implement SAP Business One into a wide variety of businesses but also specialise in the Fashion & Apparel, Rental and WEEE recycling industries. We have more than 30 years experience in providing software and the expertise of specialist ongoing support.

Implementing SAP Business One into your everyday processes will provide a stable, streamlined ERP solution in a cost effective manner. Improved business operations and increased productivity are achieved with a clearer understanding of key business areas. 

Why choose b1 Solutions?

- We are an SAP Business Partner with over 30 years experience in implementing, supporting and developing software for a wide range of businesses

- We pride ourselves in not only knowing how a broad range of businesses operate but also the specialist needs of Fashion & Apparel, Rental and WEEE recycling companies, having created industry specific functionality for companies within these sectors

- To aid us in the development of our comprehensive industry solutions we operate an integrated customer feedback loop with customers for enhancements and developments which are then available for all potential customers. 

Who has chosen b1 Solutions?


Why did companies choose SAP Business One and b1 Solutions?

"SAP Business One was the ideal choice for our growing business. Our previous financial package and stock control system weren't link and couldn't cope with the increased amount of transactions we had. SAP Business One has given us an integrated system which can easily manage the volume of work we have" Finance Manager - wholesale sector.

"b1solutions came into our business with a fresh and honest approach. They didn't try to sell us anything we didn't need and as they were specialists in our industry, they even helped us streamlime some of our operations and procedures. SAP Business One Fashion has given us all we need from a new system" Managing Director - Fashion & Apparel wholesale/retail/ecommerce sector.

"We had a mix of multiple systems and Excel Spreadsheets and needed a consolidated solution with one consistent view of our data. It was clear to us that SAP Business One covered all aspects of our business processes with a simple User Interface and comprehensive reporting. The system is continuously updated with the latest technologies and requires the minimum of maintenance" IT Manager - Medical Supplies Business.

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