SAP Business ByDesign is an innovative, industry-leading Cloud ERP and business management platform with a wide range of features connecting every function across your organisation. On this page you will find a summary of the platform’s major features and processes. SAP Business ByDesign is a modular solution, so users can implement the features most relevant to their business model. The platform is entirely cloud based – so can be accessed from any Internet-enabled device – and integrates well with a variety of third-party applications. Please get in touch to find out more.

1) Finance

Real-time visibility of your business’ financial position helps you manage your cashflow efficiently, while streamlining your accounting processes supports KPI efficiency and management of multiple operating units and currencies.

2) Customer Relationship Management

With SAP Business ByDesign, you can skilfully manage marketing, sales, and customer service actions, and increase customer engagement to build confidence and trust in your brand. Personalised customer data facilitates relevant promotional campaigns, increases leads, and ensures consumers receive the products they desire.

Automate the entire sales process, from initial contact to invoicing, and give your team the tools they need to consistently deliver outstanding service for customers.

3) Human Resources

Streamlined HR processes, including management, workforce administration, payroll, and employee self-service, drastically improves productivity and eliminates repetitive manual tasks. Simplified onboarding ensures that new colleagues are supported effectively in their roles and gives all stakeholders easy access to relevant information. Centralised self-service processes support the more effective management of time and labour, empowering colleagues to take care of their own timesheets and personal data.

4) Project Management

With SAP Business ByDesign, project management is simple and straightforward. Whatever the size and complexity of a project, the software supports the running of successful, profitable projects by improving collaboration between teams and delivering exceptional visibility throughout the process so everyone involved can monitor progress in real-time.

5) Supply chain management

Improved supply chain management facilitates accurate supply-demand matching and adds flexibility by supporting more effective supplier and customer collaboration. Quicker time-to-market ensures customers receive the products they want, when they want, while a more visible overview of complex supply networks helps to ensure resources and materials are in-place, on-time. Disruptions to global supply chains can also be more proficiently managed, helping to prevent delays and stockouts.

6) Procurement

With cloud-based self-service procurement tools, your colleagues can take a more active role in cutting costs and negotiating preferential deals with suppliers. Drawing on a single database of suppliers, buyers can achieve lower prices and oversee multiple supplier contracts simultaneously, while real-time data empowers staff to make more informed decisions in their negotiations.

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