In the apparel and footwear industry, it is more challenging than ever to stay ahead of competing brands, and to match your products to consumer demand. A fast-paced marketplace in which consumer tastes change like the wind, and demand for rapid order fulfilment is soaring, fashion is a cut-throat world in which only the most forward-thinking and progressive businesses can flourish.

Profitable margins, short time-to-market, a comprehensive array of products, high levels of efficiency, and a watertight understanding of business data are the driving forces behind successful fashion enterprises.

SAP business one fashion data management software

SAP Business One For Fashion

To propel your fashion business to the head of the field, you need cutting-edge technology that is purpose-built for the unique features of the industry. SAP Business One for Fashion provides you with the real-time insight to make informed strategic decisions at critical points, such as in make-or-break sales meetings, and fully automates most processes within your business to improve efficiency, reduce administration, and increase collaboration between departments.

With SAP Business One for Fashion, you can:

1. Streamline the inventory supply chain, yielding instant visibility of stock levels and the position of every item in the product lifecycle, and avoiding stock-outs and overstock scenarios.

2. Connect to the platform remotely, with instant access to live business data that enables you to make fast, informed choices, whether you’re in the office, at home, or on the road.

3. Understand consumer behaviour more incisively, so that you can optimise promotions, prices, and markdowns to build confidence in your brand.

4. Improve your time-to-market, so that customers receive the garments they desire quickly, building brand trust and loyalty.

5. Make more accurate forecasts about the products that consumers want, overcoming the challenges of seasonal variations and social media trends, proving your business to be responsive and attentive.

6. Deliver services more quickly and more efficiently, automating many manual administrative tasks.

7. Enjoy stronger customer loyalty and attention-grabbing word of mouth that generates new trade.

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