Running a business is not easy, particularly for owners and managers of SMEs. Piloting their organisation’s development and growth while grappling with day-to-day operations is a challenge. Implementing large-scale business management software can be expensive and complex, requiring extensive knowledge and a robust IT infrastructure. But SAP Business One can be a cost effective option that will transform operations and processes.

SAP Business One streamlines and automates many routine processes, giving SME owners more time to focus on growing their company. Whether you want to centralise your business data, improve inventory management, or obtain a better insight into your company’s financials, SAP Business One is certain to deliver.

SAP Business One excels in multiple areas of business, delivering effective streamlined solutions that will improve collaboration between teams, reduce costs, and provide real-time insight of company performance.

Improve customer retention

SAP Business One’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module facilitates better control of customer acquisition, loyalty, and retention, improving visibility of the customer lifecycle. All sales opportunities are recorded for every customer, from the first identified lead to after-sales support, improving your relationship with customers and empowering you to generate new sales opportunities to grow profits.

Efficiently manage the sales process

With all the tools you need to manage the sales process efficiently, SAP Business One maximises your ability to take control of the order-to-payment process.

The sales order entry tool gives you complete visibility of each product’s stock position in warehouses if a shortage occurs, so you can implement immediate resolutions to ensure a stockout doesn’t arise, and to keep your sales team informed about inventory levels. You can manage sales activities from any location on a mobile device and, with access to real-time data, your staff can quickly take advantage of sales opportunities to avoid them slipping through the net.

Incoming sales from multiple sources are effortless to manage, with packaging, shipping, and sales invoices all created quickly and with minimum user intervention, shortening lead times and improving your business’s responsiveness.

Improve your understanding of inventory

Inventory management is crucial for efficient and profitable businesses, as overstocking and stockouts increase costs and risk the loss of loyal customers. With SAP Business One, it’s easy to manage multiple warehouses and track real-time inventory. You can benefit from reliable information about inbound and outbound shipments and keep tabs on the quantity, location, movement, and stock status of every single product line.

SAP Business One stock functionality also means users can control stock numbers, place orders, create batch or serial numbers, pick and pack, and create stock allocations.

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SAP Business One offers many tools and features that can play a powerful role in shaping the efficiency and productivity of your business, helping to cement better relationships with suppliers and customers, and increasing profitability.

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