SAP Business One (SAP B1) and Salesforce are popular ERP and CRM solutions respectively, with different ambitions and functions. As a sales-focused CRM, Salesforce supports businesses to establish positive customer relationships by streamlining sales and marketing processes, thereby improving customer service, and increasing profits. SAP B1, by comparison, offers far-reaching control of multiple business processes, including accounts, purchases, production, HR, and aftersales service – not restricted to pure sales.

SAP Business One CRM vs Salesforce---Why Use SAP Business One---Which Is The Best ERP Software Solutions For My Business

Salesforce: CRM or ERP?

While Salesforce may be a leading CRM, it does not offer the broad capabilities of an ERP such as SAP B1, although it can be run in parallel with an ERP on a single platform.

Salesforce comes with many essential functions to support sales and service, from initial point of contact to completion and aftersales care. Customer data, both prospective and existing customers, is stored centrally to improve visibility and access to key information, simplifying and streamlining the way that businesses manage their clients.

SAP B1: an ERP with CRM capabilities

As well as providing must-have ERP functionality, including production, sales, purchasing, and inventory management, SAP B1 also incorporates comprehensive CRM sales and marketing tools to enable SMEs to achieve high revenues and superior customer relationships by managing the entire sales cycle.

SAP B1’s CRM helps nurture prospects into customers, increases customer loyalty towards your brand, and streamlines the handling of customer relationships through streamlined operations and improved visibility.

With SAP B1, you can:

1) Manage customer contacts from a central location.

2) Keep track of sales opportunities with full visibility of the sales pipeline.

3) Provide incisive sales support to establish strong and lasting relationships with customers.

4) Create, manage, and evaluate marketing event information.

5) Track and analyse pending sales opportunities.

6)Manage support services effectively.

For SMEs seeking to achieve greater business efficiency and improve customer relationships and retention, SAP B1 provides all the tools you need.

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