SAP B1 and SAP Business ByDesign are global leaders of the ERP software market, trusted by thousands of users worldwide. Both provide simplified, streamlined business operations and integrate a wide range of functions within a single, cloud-based dashboard. With a lot of plus-points going for each platform, how do you determine the best investment choice for your business?

SAP ByDesign vs SAP Business One---Which Is The Best ERP Software Solutions For Your Business---SAP Business ByDesign

SAP B1: a single integrated solution for small to middle-sized businesses

Traditionally the must-have ERP and business management solution for smaller enterprises, SAP B1 is ideal for organisations with between 1 and 250 users. The platform incorporates every element of business operation, including accounts, sales, inventory control, purchasing, CRM, reporting, and MS Office integration, and is available as an on-premises or hosted solution.

Suitable for a range of specialisms and fields, from basic retail and manufacturing to eCommerce and the service industry, SAP B1 should be the first choice for every SME owner striving to streamline operations, reduce costs, and boost productivity and customer loyalty.

SAP Business ByDesign: Cloud-based business management for growing enterprises

A wholly Cloud-based product that covers all the business areas of SAP B1, Business ByDesign promises additional flexibility and coverage to enable large, growing, or complex organisations to get more from their ERP system.

Able to accommodate the challenges of larger businesses with up to 2,000 users, or organisations with multiple companies spread across different sites, Business ByDesign offers a modular approach to SAP, so the unique needs and structures of each client can be accommodated more flexibly than is possible with SAP B1. Integrated growth capability allows the product to support businesses as they expand.

Some features available as add-ons to SAP B1 are in-built to Business ByDesign, such as real-time data reporting and analytics. SAP Business ByDesign is designed to support businesses that are surging ahead and enjoying rapid expansion, so they only need to implement an ERP solution once.

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