Irrespective of their size, all businesses face challenges. For SMEs in particular, managers are more likely to become entangled by the complexities of daily operations, distracting them from the important task of driving growth.

Investing in ERP software will streamline and automate many time-consuming operational tasks, but the chosen solution still needs to be flexible to accommodate the needs of the business as it grows. SAP Business One offers a cost-effective solution that will help to shape your enterprise as it scales up.

SAP Business One is affordable

So, why use SAP Business One? For SMEs in particular, affordability is a key factor when selecting an ERP platform. SAP Business One delivers an affordable entry-level solution that can be scaled up with custom integrations to meet the unique needs of your business. By working closely with your SAP provider - such as B1 Solutions Ltd - you can benefit from an ERP solution that works for you, with little need for staff retraining.

ERP with unlimited integrations

Whereas some SAP vendors offer ERP solutions that have a limited integration capability, at B1 Solutions we can tailor SAP Business One to your requirements. By merging your enterprise functions into a single, streamlined ERP solution, your business will benefit from an end-to-end product that is as flexible as it is scalable. With real-time reporting and instant access to your important data, you can make informed decisions quickly, whenever you need.

Benefit from unrivalled adaptability

An important consideration when choosing an ERP platform is how easily it adapts to the structure of your business. SAP Business One is adaptable from implementation, with the ability to manage complex functionality. It can also be evolved as your business grows and changes. Only ERP software with this level of adaptability can play a long-term role in successfully shaping your business, instead of becoming an expensive commodity that doesn’t meet your enterprise’s changing needs.

Pain-free onboarding

At B1 Solutions Ltd, we ensure that your ERP platform is implemented properly and that your colleagues are trained comprehensively so there’s no interruption to normal business once the system goes live. Even changes in personnel don’t pose a problem, as we’ll equip you with the knowledge and resources to bring new staff up to speed in no time.

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