Digital technology is constantly evolving, so businesses are changing the way that they operate. As a business, you’re always seeking reliable ways to do things better and to deliver more profitable results. This is where effective digital transformation strategy can play a part in improving your systems and processes - helping your business make more profit.

Whether you’re targeting a rise in productivity or the reduction of costly business processes, you need solutions that work. This is where the digital workplace – and digital transformation technologies and consulting - can make a difference.

What Is Digital Transformation?

It’s not that long since most businesses relied on tried-and-trusted manual processes to keep their daily operations ticking over. Analog information, including the use of manual spreadsheets and paperwork are still relied on in some small businesses. The growth of digital technology, however, has transformed the way that businesses work, replacing manual work with streamlined, cost-effective digital solutions.

Digital transformation is the integration of digital tech into all areas of a business. In a digital workplace, communication and collaboration is seamless between all departments, a single source of truth delivers clear visibility of business data, and productivity soars.

Digital consulting enables emerging technologies to be incorporated into the business, transforming every element of its operations, from procurement and sales, to marketing and CRM.

How can digital transformation strategy help?

Working with a digital transformation consultancy can be highly beneficial to a business seeking to harness the latest digital technology to overhaul the way it operates. Without the right digital strategies and resources in place, it can be challenging for SMEs to grow, as their business operations will be too constrained to facilitate the necessary flexibility.

A digital transformation consultancy service will:

  • Analyse the business’s requirements, existing resources, and ability to scale.
  • Recommend the most suitable digital processes and resources.
  • Support the implementation of digital tech to overhaul the organisation’s existing business model.
  • Offer transformation guideposts to help the business use the new technology effectively.

How B1 Solutions Ltd can implement digital transformation

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is one of the most effective ways an SME can transform the way it does business, stimulating a root-and-branch overhaul of every element of its daily operations, from accounting and project management to compliance and stock control.

At B1 Solutions, as a certified SAP support partner, we focus on supporting your business to achieve sustainable growth, rather than instant profits. We believe in helping our clients to implement world-class ERP solutions that streamline business processes, improve data insight, and boost productivity.

For more information, simply call us on 0808 164 9388 or arrange your free, no-obligation demonstration to see how our ERP solutions, including SAP Business One, could lead your business’s digital transformation.