Supply chain issues are a critical problem affecting manufacturers around the world today. The UK is being dramatically impacted by the current state of the world with many manufacturers losing profit over delays and surging demand.

But what if there was a single piece of software that can help ease supply chain management and give real-time visibility across your organisation, through to your suppliers and customers? Imagine being able to streamline communication internally and outside your business when it comes to supply and demand.

Luckily, that’s exactly what SAP Business ByDesign can do.

This single cloud-based business management software (also known as an “ERP system”) enables seamless collaboration and bridges the gap between supply chain planning and execution. It’s a really intuitive program that can help you make quick decisions – and keep your customers on side with more informed forecasting.

The supply chain management component of SAP Business ByDesign can also speed up and simplify all your processes, and allow departments within your businesses instant access to the information they need.

Essentially, it gives full transparency and greater efficiency across your business – and dramatically improves your profit.

The key benefits of SAP Business ByDesign’s supply chain management tool include demand planning, lean manufacturing, inventory management, quality control, product development, resource planning and procurement.

Getting to know more about SAP Business ByDesign would be a good step for your manufacturing business.

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