SAP Business One is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that provides an integrated solution for managing various business processes, including manufacturing. It can be enhanced with add-ons such as BEAS Manufacturing, which is a comprehensive solution designed specifically for manufacturing companies to improve their production processes.

Here are some ways in which SAP Business One with the BEAS Manufacturing add-on can help improve manufacturing processes:

Real-time production planning and scheduling

BEAS Manufacturing integrates with SAP Business One to provide real-time information on inventory levels, production capacity, and demand. This allows for better production planning and scheduling, ensuring that resources are used efficiently and production targets are met.

Shop floor data collection

The BEAS Manufacturing add-on allows for real-time data collection on the shop floor, which can help improve production efficiency and reduce errors. This data can be used to track the progress of production orders, monitor machine performance, and identify bottlenecks.

Quality management

The BEAS Manufacturing add-on includes quality management features, such as inspection plans and quality control checks. These features help ensure that products meet quality standards and reduce the risk of defects and rework.

Maintenance management

The BEAS Manufacturing add-on includes maintenance management features that help track equipment maintenance schedules, monitor equipment performance, and reduce downtime.


BEAS Manufacturing provides full traceability of all manufacturing processes, from raw materials to finished products. This is important for complying with regulations, managing product recalls, and improving overall product quality.

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