b1 WEEE key features

Sales & Collection

  • Sales Quotations can be prepared quickly and efficiently for multiple sites and multiple processing requirements.
  • Accepted Sales Quotations can be easily converted into one or multiple jobs for onsite or offsite processing.
  • Jobs can be scheduled for collection in the SAP calendar by individual and vehicle.
  • Record the vehicle, operatives, location, building, floor, internal labels ranges.
  • Automated paperwork for job instructions and Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005 (Consignment Note and WEEE Transfer Note).

Job Processing

  • Collected jobs are recorded into SAP via web screens allowing multiple users to simultaneously record details of serialised and non-serialised items.
  • Flexible choices of predefined values to be entered at the check in stage (e.g. Asset Number, Manufacturer, Model, Weight etc.)
  • Automatic recognition of the processing required from the original quotation allows the warehouse operative to easily identify which process route the scanned items should follow.
  • Import details of units processed onsite with full tracebaility of serial numbers to the job.
  • Individual processing of serialised items allows the recording of serial numbers inside the unit (Containers and contents are supported up to 5 levels), which may or may not require additional processing.
  • Integration of Tabernus or Blancco data back to the original serial number. 

Tracking & Invoicing

  • Automated alerts to relevant personnel for jobs recieved, in process, completed, approved and invoiced.
  • Resale of processed equipment with audit trails and reporting back to the original job.
  • Automated reporting for the Hazardous Waste Return.