b1 Rental Key Features


  • Check rental item availability and its current location. Items can be reserved against a sales order based on availability.
  • Easily convert rental reservations into orders with one click.

  • Automatic transfer of inventory from available to reserve, and reserve to rental warehouses.

  • Create Kits of items related to a rental item to rent or sell additional products.

  • Identify availabilty of items in multiple depots.
  • Receive inventory of serialised and non-serialised items by barcode scanning.
  • Identify the status and location of all rental assets.


  • Combine both rental and non-rental items on the same sales order.
  • Define billing cycles based on 5 or 7 day weeks.
  • Define billing timeframes with start dates based upon the shipping date or rental start date.
  • Define automated recurring invoices for contract billing.
  • Define rental pricing factors based upon length of the rental and by Item Group.
  • Despatch inventory of serialised and non-serialised items by barcode scanning.


  • Allow partial despatch and return of rental items on the order.
  • Receive rental items back into inventory by barcode scanning.
  • Mark items for inspection and maintenance prior to receiving into inventory.
  • Account for consumed and damaged items.
  • Full invoicing and settlement on rental return.
  • Split invoices into weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly payment terms.
  • Report on expected return dates for forecasting.